Giving financially to our churches is as valuable now as ever.  Our mission to serve our communities here remains constant, and continues to need resourcing.

As churches we are always seeking to be beacons of Christ’s love and hope, offering prayer and various forms of support to meet peoples needs in difficult times.  It is the generous giving of others that enables this mission to continue.  In addition, we continue to have to meet the ongoing costs of maintaining our buildings, paying our utility bills and considering longer term needs such as the tower restoration and heating repair.

We recognize that, like us, many other people and organisations are facing financial challenges at the present time, but if you are in a position to give something towards enabling our mission and service of our local community to continue, we would be very grateful.  

You can make a donation here via our secure donation service.

To discuss regular donations or anything else, please use the form below, and your message will be sent in confidence to the treasurer. Thank you so much!