St Francis church was opened in 1978 in the burgeoning village of Thorpe Willoughby. It is a joint Anglican-Methodist project; what is known as a Local Ecumenical Partnership. We have regular services each week, led by either Anglican or Methodist clergy and lay people. Details coming soon. 

We pride ourselves on a weekly programme of weekday activities.

We will be happy to welcome you to any and all of our services and activities.

St Francis, Thorpe Willoughby

Something to Ponder...

Just as there are seasons in the year, there are seasons in the soul for those with eyes to see. Sit down with a cuppa, and think about what season it is in your soul.

  • Is it springtime; full of possibility, life bursting forth, renewed, colourful?
  • Is it summer; warm and sunny, contented, full of light?
  • Is it autumn; a time of shedding things, with forebodings of chills to come, uncertain, maybe stormy?
  • Is it winter; cold, bleak, monochrome, miserable.
  • Are you on the cusp of two seasons? Which one are you leaving behind? Which one are you entering?

As you feel God looking at you with a loving gaze, what would you like to say to him about the season in your soul?

And after you have done this, go on your way in the sure knowledge that God holds you  securely in his love.

Rev Roy Shaw, Thorpe Willloughby